30,000 Kilohertz of Sound

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  "People laughed in the dark last night at Magnet Theater. And no one was hurt
(I think)." - January 24, 2008 article by Kimbery Thorpe.
  "NYC Theater Group Uses Shortwave Radio as Inspiration"
- January 2, 2008 post by Corey Deitz.
  Featured on EveryZing.com as mentioned by Pirates Week Podcast.
- December 9, 2007 story by Ragnar Daneskjold.
  "Some of the troupes I enjoyed the most were The Gunshow (NYC)... and 30,000 kHz of Sound (NYC)." - November 15, 2007 Phily Improv Fest recap by Jason Saenz.
  Listen Up: 30,000 kHz of Sound podcast: "...the show not only holds up on playback, but feels like an old radio show." - January 23, 2009 phillyimprov.com
  "It’s notoriously difficult for improv to retain it’s spark once it’s been recorded*. But here, the improvisers take their time and turn the restrictions of the format to their advantage. An enjoyable listen." - January 29, 2009 storyrobot.com
  "...definitely worth a listen while tooling around the internet." - August 8, 2009
USS Rock 'N Roll (improvisors on improv)


"As both a festival producer and a fan, 30,000 kHz of Sound is a delight to have back time and again. They engage you with characters and narratives that you can see through the darkness they play in. They have that rare ability to have a highly stylized concept while avoiding any air of self-importance, and audiences are left with a damn fine show."

- Matt Nelson, Executive Producer, Philadelphia Improv Festival


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