30,000 kHz of Sound is improv comedy in the dark.
Sit back. Relax. And close your eyes.

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  Show Info.  

30,000 Kilohertz of Sound is a dark show. The audience sits in the theater with the lights out and listens to comedians improvise scenes based on suggestions via a shortwave radio. Shortwave operates on a different frequency than AM and FM. Since the wavelengths are shorter, they bounce off the ionosphere, a phenomenon known as Skywave Propagation (see diagram), and on a clear night it's possible for signals to travel around the world.

The idea came about as Shawn Wickens was experimenting with self hypnosis as a cure for insomnia. He'd also listen to Art Bell's late-night syndicated radio talk show, Coast to Coast AM. As he was drifting off in that lucid state, listening to topics that ranged from the paranormal, alien abductions, and exorcisms, he thought, "I can turn this sensation into atheatrical experience."

Named after the highest range that shortwave radio operates, premiered for a three-week limited run at the Magnet Theater in New York City. 30,000 kHz of Sound did two more runs at the Magnet in 2007, one of which was a series of Halloween-influenced performances (.mp3's available on main page).

The show has also traveled to Philadelphia as part of the 3rd Annual Philadelphia Improv Festival (PHIF).

There is also a Halloween version - 30,000 Kilohertz of Evil where random, found audio clips from the Internet are used instead of radio signals.

Carl Olson, Jeff Simmons


  Performer Bios  

"I love skiing. I love fruit drinks. And I love-love-love drawing portraits," says Colorado-native Brigid Boyle. Brigid credits a chance meeting with a drag queen who played Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct character to a "T" as her inspiration to pursue acting.


Brigid Boyle

Kevin Cragg says, "I love the Red Wings."

Kevin Cragg

Dan Fairall is well versed in stage combat. He also can tumble, juggle, drive stick, and play guitar. To learn more about Dan, or to see some of his photos, visit DanFairall.com.



Dan Fairall

Funky Nights



Eden Gauteron
  Damon has appeared on Saturday Night Live (at least usually Damon's elbow has appeared on Saturday Night Live). Damon is a musician and an improviser and performs at the Magnet Theater and the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater among others in and around New York City. Damon is working on a solo album right now called, "Adherence of the Repeated Meme", to be released in 2008 on the indie label: form of...Records! Damon wants you to see our shows and listen to his album someday. Damon out.
Damon Ketron
Ashley loves performing in 30,000khz of sound. She also loves crossword puzzles and candy. Ashley also performs improv with Big Black Car every Wednesday at the PIT
and she loves that too. Ashley has so much love to give.
Ashley Ward

  Eileen Mullane was born in Boston. She stayed there and had a childhood. After high school she moved to NY to pursue acting/comedy. She's studied acting at The Neighborhood Playhouse and William Esper Studios, and improv at the Magnet and Upright Citizens Brigade Theaters. In addition to 30,000 Kilohertz of Sound, Eileen can be seen performing with her independent improv group, Dirty Blondes, the Magnet's Megawatt! team Country Bush, as well as in various carnations with the lovely, Emily Tarver, most especially, in their two person show, BRUNCH-DRUNK LOVE: Based on a True Love Story. Eileen enjoys Pinkberry and Carrie Fisher novels.
Eileen Mullane
- former cast member -

  Jonathan Kaplan has studied longform improv and clown for almost 2 years. He performs with Aztec Bacon at the People's Improv Theater, and is developing a super excellent clown show with his sister Jillian. During the day, Jonathan teaches video production & other digital arts at Valley Stream Central High School in Long Island.
Jonathan Kaplan,
radio tech
  Michael McFarland has studied drama at The Actors' Center in Philadelphia and Improv at Magnet Theater in NYC. His created and perfroms in the show Self Image and has performed with Industrial (Philadelphia), Milk Milk McGinty (NYC), and Viceroy (NYC). He enjoys receiving a good compliment.
Michael McFarland,
radio tech
  Shawn Wickens was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He has a master's degree in Applied Communication Research and Methodology. He performs with the improv group Junior Varsity. He co-hosted Beyond Improdome with Starr Kendall for a great two-year run.

Shawn has also been a long-time listener and fan of the radio program, 669.
Shawn Wickens,
- past guest performers: Armando Diaz, Megan Gray, Jonathon Kaplan, Ernie Privetera, Joe, Randazzo,
Alexis Saarela.

  Radio Equipment  

30,000 Kilohertz of Sound uses a Grundig S350 AM/FM/Shortwave World Receiver, which operates between 2,900 kHz and 28,400 kHz.     To boost reception, we have an external
Helical Antenna.
Our back-up radio is a 12-band, world receiver with rechargebale crank-wound battery manufactured by Skylex.


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